Makeup by Melissa | Photo by Sonia Roselli

Makeup by Melissa | Photo by Sonia Roselli

You look in the mirror. You look tired. You feel your current makeup routine seems to make you look older than you feel.   You can't go to a makeup counter because most 20 year olds don't get it. Who do you trust to tell you that you need a change? 

In Ageless Beauty, we're right there with you. Ageless Beauty instructors are all over the age of 40 and we can totally relate.

Our mantra is this: We don't mind how old we are but we want to look fresh, radiant and well rested. We want to look our best and simple makeup techniques can help.

We feel your struggles and together we can help you find solutions to look your best.  


  • Skin Prep
  • Concealer application
  • Foundation Application.
  • Blush placement & application
  • Basic eyeshadow application
  • Mascara application.
  • Help you navigate any cosmetic surgery procedures you may be thinking about (botox, lasers, etc.).
  • Already had work? Ageless Beauty is perfect for any post cosmetic procedures that need to compliment your new look.

*All instructors of Ageless Beauty are over 40. 


  • 90 MINUTES: $150 
  • WITH SONIA: $200 (Thursday & Saturday availability)
  • ADDITIONAL TIME: $50 per half hour
  • ADDITIONAL TIME W/SONIA $100 per half hour.